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Stephanie Berg has taken everything she learned from her background in business law and as a Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Nutrition Specialist, to put together a package designed to help U.S based practitioners get their online course/business legally secure and out into the world!


Are you a naturopathic doctor, functional medicine doctor, nutritionist, health coach or other integrative healthcare practitioner who wants to provide online courses and programs?

Concerned about legal risks and best practices?

Do you have questions like these any of these?

  • How can I legally provide online health courses and programs?
  • Can I talk about supplements? Can I sell supplements?
  • Do I need liability insurance?
  • What legal documentation/disclaimers do I need?
  • How do I protect my content including the name of my business or course and all of my course content and make sure someone else doesn’t take it and use it as their own?

Because Stephanie is a naturopathic doctor, she speaks your language. You don’t have to try to explain what you are doing. She understands your business and the laws around both providing online health information and online practice of medicine and how to legally distinguish between them.

Not only does this package provide you with the essential legal documents you need to protect your business, buy you also receive one-on-one legal guidance to ensure they are appropriately tailored for you.

This Online Course Creator Bundle specifically for Health Practitioners includes:

Access to an exclusive video presentation “Online Course Legal Protection 101 for Health Practitioners” with essentials to get you started

One hour 1:1 legal consultation with attorney and naturopathic doctor Stephanie Berg, JD, ND via Zoom or telephone to ask all of your questions and make sure you have your legal foundations in place.

After your consultation, Stephanie will customize your forms for your online course to make sure you’re running your online course business legally.

This includes:

Online Course Terms of Use: This is the agreement your customers agree to before they purchase. It clarifies what they can expect – what’s included and what’s not included, makes sure they know that you’re not providing medical advice or care through the course, what they can and can’t do with your course content, payment policies, how or if they can request a refund, and more.

Mini-Disclaimers to include in all of your course handouts and videos.

Speaker Release if you have other presenters in your program to make sure you have the rights to use their presentation in your course.

Website Privacy Policy: required by law for any website that collects personal information from visitors (this includes contact and opt-in forms). The Privacy Policy is compliant with GDPR, Canadian and UK laws and can be made applicable for courses old both on a practice website or a separate website.

Website Terms & Conditions: let your website visitors know what is and isn’t allowed on your website and includes disclaimers to make sure they understand that your information on the website is not medical advice.

Affiliate Disclosure Language: Affiliate disclosure required if you provide affiliate links to supplements or your other favourite products.

Website Review of one website for legal and regulatory compliance


The end result: You will have all of your legal ducks in a row, and you'll be ready to grow the profitable, sustainable business of your dreams without risking your license!


Investment: $1,449.00 - Exclusive Package for Clinician Collective Community 

Contact [email protected] and mention the Clinician Collective Community Online Course Program package today to get started!




The Secure Startup provides CANADIAN contract templates, legal advice and guides for women entrepreneurs – without expecting you to pay a crippling, and sometimes open-tab, hourly rate. Get real protection designed for Canadian women-owned businesses.


Whether you’ve just finished your schooling or are an experienced coach/practitioner, you should spend a little time thinking about the unsexy legal side of having a successful practice.

With TheSecureStartup, you’ll be prepared for anything, anytime! These template bundles offer guides, legal info on running a practice, as well as downloadable templates so you can be on top of any legal challenges you might have.

Here's just some of the things you will get with the TheSecureStartup (depending on the bundle you choose)


  • An introductory video that walks you through everything in your bundle and how to use it most effectively
  • Guide to using the templates – pdf
  • A guide detailing the anatomy of a contract – pdf


  • Independent contractor agreement for healthcare professionals
  • Employment contract
  • Patient intake form
  • Coaching agreement
  • Privacy policy
  • Terms of use agreement
  • And more!




Bennett Gold LLP is a full-service firm of chartered accountants and cpas offering strategic business, accounting and tax advisory services. Our focus has always been entrepreneurs, professionals, and the complimentary health care fields.



Do you have someone to talk with about office and equipment leases, landlords, HR matters, professional practice and corporate structures, partners and partnerships, effective tax planning, management reporting for practitioners, and general business common sense?

Our firm’s offer to the Clinician Collective is simple, yet extremely relevant: Robert will meet you in his office, review specific documents and pertinent materials (which he will request), and from that starting point hold a one hour focussed business strategy session with you. In that meeting you and Robert will also confirm three 45-minute follow-up telephone sessions.

The topics and depth of those mentoring sessions will be determined by yourself and Robert, and will centre on the business issues that are holding you back, or which offer you significant opportunity. In order to encourage Clinician Collective members to take advantage of the many opportunities presented to them, as well as our depth of knowledge and business acumen, we’ve priced the in-person session and the three follow-on telephone sessions at $425 - all in!

That’s it, $425! This offer is only available to the Clinician Collective and has a professional retail value of over $1,800! And a bonus! Robert will present you with a copy of his bestseller: "Business Truths: 96 Proven Ways To Build Loyalty, Grow Profits, And Succeed At Everything In Between”.




Business Support as you need it charged by the hour. Once we understand a clinics specific needs we provide a maximum fee - we keep track of how many hours are spent doing your bookkeeping and business support services but only bill to the maximum agreed. 


No huge up front bills to get set up and oriented. If less time is required your bill will reflect that. We can help with as much or as little as a clinic needs. That can be weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. Services include Bookkeeping System Setup, staff training or complete maintenance by Shoebox staff, Payroll services for both employees and contract workers. government remittances for HST & Payroll. Prices based on scope of work.