Amplified Financial Leadership Intensive

October 15th, 2021

"Money always flows to the leader. If you want more money, simply become more of a leader." - Robert Kiyosaki

The focus of this amplified intensive is to help you get clear on where you should invest: both your time & your money.

We will be sending out everyone a Kolbe index Instinctive Strengths Assessment to hep you pinpoint your innate strengths. We will be joined by a Kolbe expert to help you put your results into action. PLUS we'll be talking all things investment with our favourite financial advisor, April Stroink!


10AM - 4PM EST


We've got a killer day planned!

Complete your Kolbe Index (check your inbox for the link directly from Kolbe) and bring your results to the event. 


(All times below are listed in EST)


- We've purchased you a Kolbe Index Assesment. You will receive a link to complete it directly from Kolbe before October 7th- check your inboxes/spam/junk folders. 

- You must complete the assesment before we kick things off on Friday October 15th.

- Save a copy of your results and bring them with you to the event. 

Guest Speakers

Kolbe Index Expert

Let's Do THIS!