The Clinician CEO is designed to provide you with the strategies to turn your practice into a business that is poised for growth and impact.

The Clinician C.E.O Methodology, will add predictable revenue, patients and organization to your business (unless you are good on those things already). 


The Clinician C.E.O is a 3 Module, 12 Masterclass Program that equips you with the tools you need to turn your practice into a business that is predictably profitable, growing, organized and effortlessly impactful.



C – Caring for Customers

Do you know what you will be doing with your patient by the 5th appointment? More importantly, have you outlined the key performance indicators that will communicate to both of you that you are on the right track?

You may THINK you have your clinical methodology in order, but very few clinicians I have met, are able to communicate expectations and provide their patients with a sense of where their care will be going and why.

E – Education-Based Marketing for Trust and Impact

If you are scared of sounding “salesy” it is likely because you have felt sold to yourself. Even if your service is amazing (which yours is), consumers will feel ‘sold to’ unless they have learned to know, love and trust YOU as an authority in your field.

Providing compelling, education-based marketing is critical to establishing trust with consumers.
Consumers deserve to work with the best possible option when it comes to their health.
Education-based marketing strategies are critical to establishing predictable and prepared patients. When combined with strategic marketing, educating, not selling, will form the foundation of your Clean and Easy Patient Marketing System (PMS) and Module “E”


O – Operational Mastery

Marketing is elusive for most Clinician Entrepreneurs, but at least they know they need to be doing it. Operational strategies on the other hand are not only the most mundane sounding element of a business, when it comes to Clinician Entrepreneurs, this is the most problematic and undervalued element of their practice.


If I am honest, the operational systems of a health care business are the lifeforce of the work you create.
While you may ‘get by’ with crummy marketing and a pleasant smile, attempting to operate your practice without systems will leave you forever constrained by overwhelm and poor service.
Speaking from a ‘root cause’ perspective, the inclusion of an operational strategy that is specific to Clinician Entrepreneurs and their businesses, is the single most important thing you can do to help move you and your lifestyle, closer to what you espouse for your patients.