Task List

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Lesson 1: Introduction  to Finances

(Watch Time: 39:44)


What You'll Learn:
  • How to use the workbook
  • Limiting beliefs around money
  • Financial advice and resources


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Lesson 2: Money Mentality with Kine Corder

(Watch Time: 60:30)

    What you'll learn:
    • Introduction to Kine Corder
    • Breakdown of the 7 Money Mentality types
    • Guided Financial Hypnotherapy session
    • About Kine's mission



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    Lesson 3: Cash Flow in Crisis with April Stroink

    (Watch Time: 60:32)

      What you'll learn:
      • Introduction to April Stroink
      • The Business Crisis Trend
      • Getting deliberate with your money
      • The pragmatic approach to crisis
      • Building your financial blueprint
      • Owners pay
      • The 10-10-10 Method
      •  Increasing cash inflows
      • Maximizing value
      •  Defining the problem
      •  Reframing profit
      • The KPI's of profitability
      • Reflecting
      • Gross Profit Margins
      • The viability of your business


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      Lesson 4: Wealth Building 101 with Jackie Porter

      (Watch Time: 60:38)

        What you'll learn:
        • Women and wealth building
        • What gets in the way of creating wealth?
        •  Jackie's Story
        • Mindset: The road to wealth building
        • The top 10 success strategies of an empowered wealthy women
        • Net worth calculator
        • Empowering your credit IQ
        • Compound interest
        • The Rule of 72
        • Building multiple income streams