Task List

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Lesson 1: Investing In Your Business

(Watch Time: 11:09)


What You'll Learn:
  • Overview of the course
  • What is the next big investment that you are going to make in your business
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Lesson 2: How to Leverage Your Kolbe Index

(Watch Time:66:54)

    What you'll learn:
    • Who you are as a leader and as an entrepreneur
    • How to unlock & unleash your natural talents
    • What is Kolbe
    • Your strengths & weaknesses as an entrepreneur 
    • Next action steps as a leader
    • What type of person should you add to your team
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    Lesson 3: Harnessing your Impact Powers

    (Watch Time: 19:17)

      What you'll learn:
      • What you’re Impact Powers are
      • How much of your time are you spending doing things that are actually your impact power and that light you up?
      • Identify where you need to hire out next?
      • What do you need to delegate


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      Lesson 4: A Leader's Guide to Money

      (Watch Time: 72:08)

        What you'll learn:
        • When to save and when to invest
        • How to manage cash flow
        • The framework to know when to invest and when to pull back
        • The opportunity worth pursuing 
        • Next steps in building out your personal wealth
        • What to do with your money and where to put it next


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        Lesson 5: How to Hire Your Dream Team

        (Watch Time: 43:54)

          What you'll learn:
          • Processes & Systems in terms of hiring
          • What you need right now within your business to support you
          • How to maximize your superpowers
          • What investment needs to happen next in your business
          • Where you need to go in terms of hiring