Task List

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Lesson 1: Setting Your Financial Priorities

(Watch Time: 37:46)


What You'll Learn:
  • The idea of assets and liabilities
  • The step that needs to be taken before you generate passive income
  • An overview of Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  • Mindset vs. Mechanics
  • Identifying your own assets and liabilities
  • What you need to work on in regards to both mindset and the mechanics of your personal finances
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Lesson 2:  How To Manage Your Personal Financial Responsibilities

(Watch Time: 93:35)

What you'll learn:
  • The mechanics of money
  • The four pillars of financial wellness
  • How to stick to a plan to reach your financial goals
  • How to eradicate debt
  • The importance of disability and life insurance as a business owner
  • When to invest and when to save
  • Building out your behavioral spending plan
  • Building out your personal and business financial plan


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Lesson 3: Moving into the Money Matrix

(Watch Time: 85:25)

What you'll learn:
  • Why success is meant to be easy
  • Money is a vehicle to freedom
  • The energy required to get financial abundance
  • Identify your limitations and blocks around money
  • Mastering your money
  • Learning how to unlock your amygdala


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Lesson 4: Plan in Action: Mindset & Mechanics 

(Watch Time: 61:25)

What you'll learn:
  • How to use the financial planning spreadsheet
  • Expenses associated with your business decisions 
  • Where to put your money
  • What to build next, based on your financials