Task List

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Lesson 1: When do people need what? The Care Model of the Future

(Watch Time: 46:17)


What You'll Learn:
  • The 4 stages of readiness
  • How to craft your offerings for each stage
  • What you need to know in order to design a new model 
  • Determine where your offerings fit into the 4 stages of health consumption
  • Clear definition of the outcomes delivered in each stage


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Lesson 2: Building the Group Program Content

(Watch Time:45:12)

    What you'll learn:
    • Overview of the ACTION framework for transformational care
    • Clarity on the Discovery, Active Phases & Maintenance phases of care
    • The impact of group programs for patients
    • The impact of group programs for practitioners
    • How to create the content for your group programs
    • Clarity on who you serve, the outcomes you want for them and what they need to know to get there.
    • Clarity of the assets/content in your group program
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    Lesson 3: How to Structure & Deliver Your Group Program

    (Watch Time: 51:27)

      What you'll learn:
      • How to structure the sessions of your program
      • How long should the program be
      • Online VS in-person
      • Composition of your group
      • Privacy & charting
      • Regulations & Legal considerations
      • Adoption into the program
      • Clear outline of the who, what, when & where of your group program
      • Clarity on the logistics for delivery

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      Lesson 4: Pricing Your Group Program

      (Watch Time: 37:22)

        What you'll learn:
        • What makes 1:1 care expensive
        • What do you deserve to earn?
        • The Clinician Ascension Model
        • Billing insurance VS billing the patient
        • How to crunch the numbers
        • Clarity on your pricing at each stage of readiness
        • Clarity on your pricing for 1:1 & your group programs
        • 36 Months of financial forecasting


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        Lesson 5: How to Design a Scalable Group Program that Works with Michelle Peris

        (Watch Time: 53:39)

          What you'll learn:
          • The evolution of Michelle’s Wild Collective program
          • Adding coaches/co-facilitators to your group program
          • The true impact of a group program & the magic of circles
          • In-person VS online
          • Group program curriculum
          • The user experience
          • Marketing of your group program
          • The launch & pricing structure
          • The truth about collectives
          • A clear understanding of a scalable group program in action
          • The different stages of offering

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          Lesson 6: How Group Programs will Transform Medicine with James Maskell

          (Watch Time: 48:28)

            What you'll learn:
            • The state of the industry
            • Why community health initiatives are the future of care
            • Making community medicine accessible
            • Socioeconomic factors of health
            • Community medicine in practice
            • Insight into how industry leading are implementing community medicine in practice
            • The community medicine model