Task List

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Lesson 1: Workbook Overview

(Watch Time:  07:56)


What You'll Learn:
  • Overview of the weekend & workbook
  • What assets you already have as a potential affiliate or promotional partner


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Lesson 2: What is Affiliate Marketing

(Watch Time: 15:29)

    What you'll learn:
    • What is affiliate marketing
    • The building blocks of an affiliate program
    • The next step you should take in your business regarding affiliate marketing
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    Lesson 3: The Mad Genius Method with Dr. Reef Karim

    (Watch Time: 86:25)

      What you'll learn:
      • How to be memorable 
      • How to stand out in the industry and attract affiliate partners
      • How to connect your intellect to your soul
      • What makes you stand out from the crowd
      • Crafting your point of view and belief statement

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      Lesson 4: Building an Affiliate Program Part 1

      (Watch Time: 72:08)

        What you'll learn:
        • What you need to know to build out your affiliate program
        • The new traffic trifecta 
        • How an affiliate program fits into the 4 quadrants 
        • Why you need to train your audience to buy from you
        • Launch vs. Evergreen
        • The importance of building relationships
        • Next steps in building our your affiliate program
        • What questions to ask as a potential affiliate

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        Lesson 5:  Affiliate Tech

        (Watch Time: 56:28)

          What you'll learn:
          • Different tech options for running an affiliate program
          • How to set up your affiliate program in Thrive Cart
          • How to track affiliate sales through Thrive Cart
          • The tech required to set up your affiliate program

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          Lesson 6:  Niching Workshop

          (Watch Time: 37:46)

            What you'll learn:
            • How to define your niche through:
              • a.) solving a problem your audience has, and/or 
              • b.) aiming your messaging towards a fanatical group of people
            • How to clearly articulate your messaging
            • Building your statement: I do _______ and take people from ______ to _______.
            • Differentiating yourself in the marketplace

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            Lesson 7: Building an Affiliate Program Part 2

            (Watch Time: 53:44)

              What you'll learn:
              • How to manage affiliates
              • How to build relationships and why it’s so important
              • Overview of Click Bank
              • Commission structure
              • Main priorities moving forward with affiliate marketing
              • Clarity on your offer and the relationships you need to pritoritze

              Links & Handouts:

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              Lesson 8: Crafting Your Offer Workshop

              (Watch Time:66:13)

                What you'll learn:
                • Clarity on your current offer or what offer to create next
                • Next steps for building out an affiliate program around your offer
                • Clarity on pricing and commission
                • Steps needed in your critical path
                • The creation of your offer or affiliate offer

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                Lesson 9: Building Authority Workshop

                (Watch Time:69:26)

                  What you'll learn:
                  • How to have clarity around your messaging
                  • How to articulate your brand promise
                  • Pulling out what makes you different from everyone else
                  • Elevating your authority and expert-status in the marketplace 

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                  Lesson 10: Hot-Seat Coaching

                  (Watch Time:29:45)

                    What you'll learn:
                    • Examples of how other people are building out programs and affiliate offers
                    • Where you need support and how you can support others

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                    Lesson 11: Body Sensitivity Workshop

                    (Watch Time:26:17)

                      What you'll learn:
                      • How emotion can show up in your body
                      • How to release emotions and become more in touch with yourself
                      • New perspective on how to view yourself as an entrepreneur

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                      Lesson 12: Becoming an Affiliate

                      (Watch Time:41:22)

                        What you'll learn:
                        • How to add value to your audience 
                        • How to be creative as an affiliate
                        • Crafting your bonus delivery
                        • How to build a new stream of revenue 

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                        Lesson 13: Behind The Scenes: Affiliate Launch

                        (Watch Time:29:32)

                          What you'll learn:
                          • What CBL has been creating
                          • Mastering Your Methodology: May Event Outline
                          • Creative ideas for you as an affiliate
                          • How to get involved as an affiliate for the May Event & Code Launch
                          • Next steps to take as an affiliate