Task List


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Lesson 1:  Social Media Intensive Kickoff

(Watch Time: 72 min)


What You'll Learn:
  • Overview of intensive weekend
  • Outcomes of spending time in the vibration of abundance
  • Readiness to move outside of your comfort zone with using social media

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Lesson 2: Finding Your Voice with Sarah Vadeboncoeur, ND

(Watch Time: 56 min)


What You'll Learn:
  • The feelings associated with not speaking your truth
  • Your voice is a powerful tool to have what you want in your life, relationships, and business 
  • Social media is a place where you can practice using your voice
  • Understand why people show up on social media and how you can connect with them
  • Understanding of what triggers you and  makes you want to speak up
    • How to show up as your authentic self on social media
    • Clarity on how to show up on social media as your authentic self
    • The confidence to take control of your social media page/accounts

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    Lesson 3: Your Marketing Plan with Meghan Walker

    (Watch Time: 15 min)


    What You'll Learn:
    • Understanding your level of confidence with your core offer and brand 
    • Where you need to level-up your core offer, brand image, consistency of messaging
      • Clarity on your JK5
      • The start of a marketing plan encompassing your JK5, marketing event, and core offer

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      Lesson 4: Your Social Strategy with Jenni Shaw

      (Watch Time: 54 mins)


      What You'll Learn:
      • Where you should be on social media and how you should be showing up
      • How can you continue to build your social media network
      • LinkedIn as a tool for business growth
      • Strategic social media networking opportunities for wellness entrepreneurs 
      • Using paid ads for exposure
        • How to make your LinkedIn profile stand out
        • Tools to use LinkedIn effectively in your social media strategy

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        Lesson 5: How to Get Social Media Algorithms to Actively Find New Patients with Elise Darma

        (Watch Time: 62 mins)


        What You'll Learn:
        • Batch system for efficiently creating social media content
        • The formula for creating a reel
        • Repurposing reel videos as ads
        • Perspective on how you can create content that connects with your audience
        • How to use project management tools to manage social media platforms

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        Lesson 6: The Tik Tok Opportunity with Samantha V

        (Watch Time: 62 min)


        What You'll Learn:
        • How to expand your marketing strategy to include TikTok
        • Framework for creating Tik Tok content that primes your audience
        • Hashtag strategies
        • The confidence to start using Tik Tok or deepen your skill to grow your business

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        Lesson 7: Quantum Wealth and Your Marketing Plan with Meghan Walker

        (Watch Time: 52 min)


        What You'll Learn:
        • The energy of Quantum Wealth
        • Where you want to vibrate on the scale of Quantum Wealth
        • The flow of your marketing plan

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        Lesson 8: The Content Creation Plan with Ellen Wong

        (Watch Time: 43 min)


        What You'll Learn:
        • System for social media content creation to generate leads
        • Confidence knowing that what you have to say is important and news to be shared