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Task List


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Module 4- The Marketing System

Lesson 1: The Basic Funnels for Clinician Entrepreneurs
(Watch Time: 22:51)

What you'll learn:
  • What the EFFF is a funnel
  • What are the primary marketing funnels practitioners actually need
  • What emails do you need to write when you are creating a funnel
  • How to build the 3 primary funnels required by all Clinician Entrepreneurs
  • How to build and write all of the email copy that must accompany the funnel
  • 3 primary funnels integrated into your marketing plan.
  • A key understanding of what to use when and why.
  • A lead magnet to use while on podcasts or IG lives.
  • A lead magnet in the form of a challenge to build your email list throughout the year.
  • A webinar landing page and marketing sequence to move people into your signature talk and practice.


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Module 4- The Marketing System

Lesson 2: Copy Basics for your Funnels
(Watch Time: 16:19)