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The First 18 program is designed to provide you with the exact tools you need to BUILD THE FOUNDATION OF YOUR BUSINESS. It is a complete, step-by-step blueprint to ideate, systematize and brand your practice.

Start here if you are looking to:

✓ Fill your clinic schedule

✓ Generate consistent revenue from a 1:1 practice

✓ Nail down your niche and brand messaging

✓ Solidify your signature approach to care

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The Clinician C.E.O is the framework that will help you execute and SCALE the three most important elements of your business; Customer Care, Education Based Marketing and Operations. 

Start here if you’re looking to:

✓  Scale your offerings & diversify revenue streams

✓  Streamline your systems for optimal growth

✓  Move from “doing things” to taking strategic action

✓  Grow your team and organize your time

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VPIL is an implementation tool kit designed to support you in getting your practice online quickly, strategically and profitably. 

Start here if you are looking to:

✓ Increase patient retention as you transition online

✓ Navigate regulatory compliance for delivering care online

✓ Activate the must-have tech tools for your online practice

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The Clinician Code is a Mastermind for Clinician Entrepreneurs, ready to amplify their expertise, establish their authority, create a scalable signature offering and change the face of natural healthcare delivery.

Start here if you are:

✓ Already earning a consistent income from your practice

✓ Serious about amplifying your impact in a bigger and more strategic way

✓ Ready to master and OWN your area of clinical interest

✓ Ready to identify new passive and recurring revenue streams that are aligned to the needs of your patients and signature program.

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