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The First 18 program is designed to provide you with the exact tools you need to BUILD THE FOUNDATION OF YOUR BUSINESS. It is a complete, step-by-step blueprint to ideate, systematize and brand your practice.

Start here if you are looking to:

✓ Fill your clinic schedule

✓ Generate consistent revenue from a 1:1 practice

✓ Nail down your niche and brand messaging

✓ Solidify your signature approach to care

The Clinician C.E.O is the framework that will help you execute and SCALE the three most important elements of your business; Customer Care, Education Based Marketing and Operations. 

Start here if you’re looking to:

✓  Scale your offerings & diversify revenue streams

✓  Streamline your systems for optimal growth

✓  Move from “doing things” to taking strategic action

✓  Grow your team and organize your time

VPIL is an implementation tool kit designed to support you in getting your practice online quickly, strategically and profitably. 

Start here if you are looking to:

✓ Increase patient retention as you transition online

✓ Navigate regulatory compliance for delivering care online

✓ Activate the must-have tech tools for your online practice

The Clinician Code is a Mastermind for Clinician Entrepreneurs, ready to amplify their expertise, establish their authority, create a scalable signature offering and change the face of natural healthcare delivery.

Start here if you are:

✓ Already earning a consistent income from your practice

✓ Serious about amplifying your impact in a bigger and more strategic way

✓ Ready to master and OWN your area of clinical interest

✓ Ready to identify new passive and recurring revenue streams that are aligned to the needs of your patients and signature program.

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