Quick Start Guide for Moving to Virtual Practice Mode

(Note: This content and these strategies are relevant for manual practitioners as well)

Length: 67 mins

Training 1: Regulatory Considerations for Delivering Care Online

This is an overview of the regulatory considerations you should know to move your practice online.

Length 67 mins

Training 2: Technology Basics and Patient Communication

While this is new for you, this is equally new for your patients. How you manage the "experience" of this transition will make a HUGE difference for your patient's confidence in the process.

Length: 43 mins

Training 3: What to Do Right Now to Help Your Patients… and How to Show Up as a Manual Practitioner

Manual practitioners, this is for you. We discuss options to serve your community virtually (yes, there are options).

Length: 46 mins

Training 4: What are Your Legal Rights as a Clinic Owner and Practitioner (in unprecedented times)

This is an unprecedented time for everyone. Attorney, Andrea Henry talks contracts, splits and compensation during a pandemic.

Length: 29 mins

Training 5: How to Market in a Crisis (and not appear opportunistic)

It is important that you adjust your content quickly and use language that reflects the current state of affairs. That does not mean that you stop speaking to your audience. This is how you balance both.

Length: 71 mins

Training 6: What You Should be Looking for in Terms of  Technology



Making the pivot online requires some technology... but it doesn't have to be difficult. This discussion directs you in selected an appropriate set of tools to meet you immediate and long-terms needs.