Concepts Covered

Concept #1- Defining your niche

Concept #2- Creating an ideal client avatar

Concepts Covered

Concept #14- Setting your fees

Concept #15- Forecasting your financials

Concepts Covered

Concept #3- Delivering transformational care through the A.C.T.I.O.N framework

Concept #4- Defining your practice model & growth plan

Concepts Covered

Concept #16- Goal setting & KPIs

Concepts Covered

Concept #5- UX 101

Concept #6- Story Messaging

Concept #7- Building your brand

Concept #8- Crafting your website

Concept #9- Adding IP

Concept #10- Capturing Leads

Concepts Covered

Concept #17- Legal considerations , contracts & insurance

Concepts Covered

Concept # 11- Creating Traffic

Concepts Covered

Concept #18- The practice Tech stack

Concepts Covered

Concept #12- The Discovery call

Concept #13- The Signature talk


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Module 4 - Concept 11

(Watch Time: 1:12)


  • The elements of a basic clinical marketing funnel
  • The best free, partnered and paid traffic strategies for building a 1:1 practice
  • How to design a traffic strategy that works uniquely for you.
  • When do integrate a paid traffic strategy and the elements you need in your funnel to make it successful
  • The difference between a real business and a hobby business comes down to one thing… and we break it down in Module 4



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Module 4 - Worksheet Summaries

(Watch Time: 18:08)


  • Overview of the worksheets for Module 4