Social Media Marketing

 Over 4.62 billion people across the world use social media and are WAITING FOR WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER! 

Over the course of the weekend, together, we will build out your marketing plan. You will hear from speakers & colleagues who will challenge you to think BIG. We will connect, engage, elevate, take action and have a whole lot of FUN!



6:00PM - 9:00PM EST

It's time to hold your space & find your voice. 

We're kicking things off with an overview of the weekend, breakout rooms & our very own Dr. Sarah Vadeboncoeur, ND is throwing down a workshop to help you find your voice. 

It's time to be brave, friends. 

DAY 2 


10AM-4:00pm EST 

Let's get strategic! 

Day 2 is all about strategy. We've got expert speakers lined up from all over the social sphere to share their top tips, tricks and strategies with you. 

Get ready to think outside the box in a big way.  

DAY 3 


10AM-4:15PM EST


It's time to create!

Get ready to get sh%t done. We're taking all we've learned from the weekend and wrapping it up into a neat little package. There will be breakout rooms and guidance on creating content so you can get to work & strike while the creative juices are flowing. 



10AM-4:00PM EST


What's a weekend of learning without an execution strategy?

As always, at the end our Intensives we keep the office doors open for you to pop in, ask questions and pick the brains of our coaches so you can take REAL ACTION. This is an opportunity to get clear on your 90 day plan so you can execute & prioritize like a boss over the next few months. Our coaches will be standing by to ensure you don't get stuck.

No booking required, just pop in and let's chat it out.


(All times below are listed in EST)

Guest Speakers

Jenni Shaw

Founder- Social Wellness Co


My name is Jenni Shaw, and like you, have spent countless hours online trying to make it all work. My background varies from advertising education to becoming an R.H.N through CSNN and back into marketing (I guess it's just where life wanted me to be). I actually built and sold my first nutrition business in 2019, and that is where I learned how to do it ALL - from SEO to social media marketing to blogging... you name it, I learned it!

Selling that platform allowed me to start freelancing as a social media manager. Then my marketing skills stepped in, allowing me to grow a thriving Content Marketing Boutique Agency called Social Wellness Co. I now look forward to passing on my knowledge to other practitioners and wellness pros, so that you too, can thrive online! Find more information at 

Growing Your Brand Online using Social Media & LinkedIn.

In this session you will learn:
  • Why LinkedIn is important for career development

  • What kind of people you can connect with/ land jobs or opportunities with as a clinician

  • 3 ways to make your LI profile stand out AND a brief action plan takeaway sheet

Samantha V.

The Tik Tok Coach


Samantha Vlasceaunu, The TikTok Coach, is on a mission to convince businesses and brands that TikTok is not just for our teenagers (and no dancing required)! When COVID-19 hit, her other traveling business had to shut down and she had to pivot - FAST. That's when she realized that she'd been organically reaching her audience on TikTok all along and realized the power TIkTok could have for businesses if they gave them a chance.

Fast forward to today, Sam works with marketing agencies, coaches, lawyers, corporate Brands - you name it! Sam ensures all her clients are using the app with intention as a sales funnel in finding their target audience and coaching the strategies of converting their followers into ACTUAL paying clients.

The Tik Tok Opportunity

In this session, Samantha will take us through all things Tik Tok including strategy, advanced maneuvers and for newbies, the actual step by step process for to to post!


Samantha is here to tackle your burning questions to you can walk away with a stong TT game ready to roll out. 


Elise Darma

Marketing Coach


Elise Darma is a marketing coach who specializes in helping not-so-Insta-famous business people make REAL revenue directly from social media. She’s helped over 30,000 people truly grow their businesses, sell more programs and build money-making brands. Elise has been featured for her expertise in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer and Social Media Examiner.

How to Get Social Media Algorithms to Actively Find New Patients and Customers

(without chasing meaningless views or risking burnout from churning out content that falls flat).

We'll cover how to use social videos to reach more customers (no dancing required); the roadmap to convert viewers into buyers; and, the rinse-and-repeat system I use that has resulted in 8.5 million views and over $260,000 in profit.

Ellen Wong

ND & Founder- Joyful Productivity


As someone who juggles many roles and wears many hats, people generally think of Ellen as someone who just finds a way to get it done. Truth is, in order to do all the things that she does, she has developed excellent organizational habits and skills in systemization.

A firm believer of structure brings freedom, Ellen is excited to share how she has developed a system to take care of an entire month’s worth of social media and email newsletters in one day.

The Content Creation Plan

Ellen is a master of batch producing and repurposing content across major social media (and email) platforms.

In this workshop, she will take you through her system to store inspiration and ideas; a system to consistently show up on social media & email newsletters; a system to optimize hashtags for searchability on IG.

We are going to get things done here, folks!

Get ready to create!


Sarah Vadeboncoeur

Naturopathic Doctor & Code Coach


With over a decade of clinical experience, Dr. Sarah helps women reconnect to their intuition so they can unlock more energy, calm and confidence.

Her unique approach helps women thrive physically and emotionally by teaching them to listen to their body and confidently articulate what they need to create the health (and life) they want!

Finding Your Voice & Being Brave

Sarah is here to inspire you to open up that throat chakra, find your voice and step into the arena. 

Social media and putting yourself out there can bring up some uncomfortable feelings ( We see you introverts!). It's time to align with your visions, show up and play full out!

The world is waiting for what you have to offer, friend...


Sylvi Martin

Strategic Advisor on Regulatory Matters & Founder of the Health Pro Membership

Sylvi Martin is a Naturopathic Doctor and a Registered Nurse who has been practicing in the field of professional regulation for over a decade.

Since 2009, in addition to her naturopathic practice in Toronto, she has been practicing in professional regulations as an investigator for an Ontario health regulatory college, and as a professional member of a statutory Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee for another Ontario regulator. Since 2016, Sylvi has been instructing continuing education courses in ethics and jurisprudence for various associations and educational institutions in Canada.

When she’s not furthering her training in mindfulness and clinical nutrition or working on her latest workshop or course, she can be found nibbling blueberries and feeding the “trust fund squirrels” in her garden, perfecting her chocolate savouring skills, swimming at the cottage, or on the hunt for more scarves in some corner of the world with her infinitely patient partner Dave.

Marketing Dos & Donts

Don't let the fear of regulations stop you from reaching more people- people who need you!

As always, Syvli is here to guide you on how to naviagte regulations within your marketing and ensure you are playing by the rules. 


Let's Do THIS!